Horizon Forbidden West’s worst failure was omitting [SPOILER]

Horizon II: Forbidden West‘s failures are greatly outnumbered by its achievements, earning it ‘epic sequel’ status among many Horizon: Zero Dawn fans (including myself). Improvements and additions to game play are [by and large] positive and met with fan satisfaction. However, one story line – critical to both games – falls far too short by omitting what should probably have been a, rather literal, boss fight.…


J-Drama ‘Yakuza Lover’ is the most entertaining cringe fest of 2022

'Yakuza Lover' is a 2022 live-action adaptation of the manga 恋と弾丸 (Koi to Dangan)

Even when you first read the title of the show, J-drama Yakuza Lover (also known by its original Japanese name 恋と弾丸 Koi to Dangan /Romance and Bullets) might sound suspiciously low budget. Or maybe like an old forgotten porno. Both comparisons are strangely somewhat accurate. But only by watching the first episode will you truly comprehend what Yakuza Lover really is: a cringe-inducing, cover-your-eyes hot mess that is easily one of the most entertaining shows of 2022.…


5 Must-Know Tips for Your [late] 1st Breath of the Wild Playthrough

Breath of the Wild (2017) for Nintendo Switch

After all this time, you finally decide to pick up a copy of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to see what all the fuss is about. You boot up your Nintendo Switch, get your favourite controller, and awaken Link for yet another epic adventure to save Princess Zelda. However, you find yourself strangely overwhelmed and feeling unprepared for what lies ahead.…


Bullet Train Movie vs Book: Which is Better?

Bullet Train (2022) in its film adaptation

The deluge of adapted material currently being made into awful films and lackluster television series might induce more eye rolls than applause a lot of the time, but sometimes it proves beneficial as it opens a door to even further enjoyment in the form of the glimmering source material. While some adaptations have done good service by their original inspiration, plenty of attempts have generated vitriol and outrage from fans (Rings of Power, anyone?)

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Out with a Bang! Challenge for The Sims 4

Out with a Bang challenge for The Sims 4 from

Do you create many Elder sims? It seems like a lot of people don’t. They’re past their prime, wrinkly, prone to fatigue, and…well…going to die much sooner than later. So why start a new game as one when you don’t have that much time? The Out with a Bang Challenge is why!

The Out with a Bang Challenge will see you create a single elder sim and try your very best to live out the rest of their days to the very fullest with a very limited amount of time.…

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A ‘Stardew’ lover’s review of the Stardew Valley board game

The Stardew Valley tabletop board game from ConcernedApe. (Image courtesy

After spending more than 300 hours in the 8-bit cottagecore bliss that Stardew Valley has so diligently provided in PC/console game format, it was time for me to travel to a new version of the valley. The board game version, that is! A birthday gift from my husband in November 2022, this tabletop version of ConcernedApe’s  popular farming/social sim game proved to be a delightful new experience for a veteran Stardew player like myself, but also highly enjoyable to board game lovers who have never played Stardew at all!…


Crime K-drama ‘Shadow Detective’ soars high, but stops just short of whodunnit greatness

Shadow Detective 형사록 review from

Crime – whether it’s committing it, solving it, or doing both all at once – has been a favourite subject for Korean TV/cinema productions in recent years and a quick skim at the synopses of many of the K-dramas released in 2022 will confirm the notion that Koreans and audiences abroad still crave a good crime show with unique Korean flair.…

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The Vampire Stelat Challenge for The Sims 4

You are Stelat de Llamacourt. You are born of the darkness yet crave the spotlight. Your passion for music, flamboyant lifestyle, and spectacular charisma infatuate legions of admirers the world over! Yet you still desire love and companionship as all humans do, both from romantic lovers as well as a child who will carry on your legacy as heir to all you’ve built.…

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Photo Mode Exhibit: Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition

Breathtaking (taken by

It seems like everybody has played at least a bit of Horizon Zero Dawn and the visuals are most certainly one of the biggest reasons why. Like a few other games, Horizon Zero Dawn has a very versatile Photo Mode that employs photographic filters and camera-like settings to achieve impressive screenshots in-game. Depth of field, aperture, exposure, and other finite settings really take in-game photography shots to a new level!…