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Shadow Detective 형사록 review from

Crime K-drama ‘Shadow Detective’ soars high, but stops just short of whodunnit greatness

Crime – whether it’s committing it, solving it, or doing both all at once – has been a favourite subject for Korean TV/cinema productions in recent years and a quick skim at the synopses of many of the K-dramas released in 2022 will confirm the notion that Koreans and audiences abroad still crave a good crime show with unique Korean flair.…

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The Vampire Stelat Challenge for The Sims 4

You are Stelat de Llamacourt. You are born of the darkness yet crave the spotlight. Your passion for music, flamboyant lifestyle, and spectacular charisma infatuate legions of admirers the world over! Yet you still desire love and companionship as all humans do, both from romantic lovers as well as a child who will carry on your legacy as heir to all you’ve built.…

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Photo Mode Exhibit: Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition

It seems like everybody has played at least a bit of Horizon Zero Dawn and the visuals are most certainly one of the biggest reasons why. Like a few other games, Horizon Zero Dawn has a very versatile Photo Mode that employs photographic filters and camera-like settings to achieve impressive screenshots in-game. Depth of field, aperture, exposure, and other finite settings really take in-game photography shots to a new level!…

赤い影 [akai kage] ~ RED SHADOW (Ghost of Tsushima™ - taken by
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Photo Mode Exhibit: Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima (and the accompanying Director’s Cut DLC content) is frankly the most visually breathtaking video game I’ve ever played, as well one of the best all around titles I’ve experienced in my 30+ years of gaming. It’s a big statement, but I stand by it. Thanks to the studio’s inclusion of an extensive and highly versatile photo mode for taking impressive screenshots, being an in-game photographer was how I spent half my time around Tsushima and Iki islands.…