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Sending a contact form direct is a great option for getting in touch. If you’re reaching out about a voice acting or other project, please include as much info as you can share and any additional links or references you might find helpful for me to have! Thank you.

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If the contact form to the right doesn’t work for some reason and you get a dreaded ERROR message, please ensure you’ve filled out all the form fields and answered the captcha challenge correctly.

Still didn’t work? Or maybe you just hate contact forms? No problem! You can always send an email directly to haleyhylia(at)gmail(dot)com (just without the parentheses and such).

Getting in touch about voice acting? I’m currently available for professional/paid gigs as well as unpaid collaboration (for the right project). I’m open to pretty much anything topic-wise, so don’t hesitate to send me a message about your project and we can discuss going forward together.

Before you send a message, have a glance at the following important details to know what to expect about me and how I work:

  • I have a native, neutral American accent and only speak English.
  • I am very proficient in many foreign accents, though!
  • I am a confident singer (mezzo-soprano) and rapper.
  • I live in Auckland, New Zealand (UTC+12/13).
  • Email is my preferred method of communication.
  • I am not interested in NSFW/18+ projects.
  • do not wish to be a part of projects that use AI in any way.

Thank you & I’ll be in touch ASAP!