Voice acting is a lifelong passion of mine! Since turning that passion into a career in 2015, I’ve lent my voice to many commercial and creative projects, both professional and amateur. My voice has been used for app/UI voice overs, educational narration, e-book narration, fandubs, localisation, original characters, character voice imitation/impersonation, singing, rapping, and more. Many projects I’ve been a part of can be found on YouTube and these videos have collectively amassed more than 40 million views and counting.

Though I’m a US-native, I have developed a particular talent for authentic accents, both domestic and foreign. Now based in New Zealand, I’ve performed many accents on a professional level, including British (RP/Estuary) and Scottish.

Offline, I’m an experienced stage actor and have performed in scripted dramas and improv comedy shows alongside New Zealand’s industry pros since 2016. I’ve also attended workshops and training seminars with industry professionals to further my skills all around.

I’m currently available for voice acting roles and open to rate/payment negotiation!

Are you looking to cast me in a voice acting role? Would you like me to audition for a part? Please don’t hesitate to send me a message about it. I’m open to discussion regarding payment, so even if you don’t have much of a budget we can talk anyway! Click here to get in touch about voice acting! (Or alternatively, email me directly at haleyhylia[AT]gmail[DOT]com)

Performance skills

  • Skilled at domestic US and foreign accents, including: Texan (US), New York (US), French, Scottish, Irish, British (RP/Estuary/Cockney), New Zealand, and Australian
  • Large vocal range in both pitch and perceived age, including: Elderly, Adult, Teen, and Child
  • Talented vocalist (mezzo-soprano) capable of singing in numerous styles, including: Jazz, Operatic, Pop, Choral, Ballad, Rap
  • Pro recording equipment at home, including: a sound treated recording booth, Focusrite Scarlett Solo, TASCAM Model 12, Sennheiser + Shure microphones, and more

Examples of voice acting roles

Below is a selection of projects I’ve voiced for in the past (all via YouTube). I’ve been lucky to work with awesome content creators like PopToons and GabaLeth many times over the years. Roles have required a wide range of skills including accents, impersonation, singing, and rapping. Click on a video to start playback. Videos are listed in order of publishing date (newest first).

Contact me about voice acting work

If you are wanting to get in touch about a voice acting role or audition, please thoroughly fill out the form below. The fields for your name, email, project type, payment arrangement, and message are required for submission. This helps me understand what you need right away, so please be sure to fill those out. Thank you so much and I will get back to you ASAP!

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