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The Vampire Stelat Challenge for The Sims 4

You are Stelat de Llamacourt. You are born of the darkness yet crave the spotlight. Your passion for music, flamboyant lifestyle, and spectacular charisma infatuate legions of admirers the world over! Yet you still desire love and companionship as all humans do, both from romantic lovers as well as a child who will carry on your legacy as heir to all you’ve built. Can you balance love, celebrity, and family life as the world’s most famous vampire?

All about the Vampire Stelat Challenge

Stelat de Llamacourt (by Haley Hylia)

Inspired by Anne Rice’s ultra fabulous character Lestat de Lioncourt from her Vampire Chronicles series of novels, this challenge will see you create a vampire sim of your own who embodies the same traits as the “brat prince” himself. Like Lestat, your vampire sim yearns to reach people in droves and loves to, well, love! Romantic encounters with absolutely any and every human who crosses your path are highly encouraged, but only five of these paramours will be chosen to receive your Dark Gift.

Though fame and fortune satiate a deeply rooted desire for acknowledgement left over from your adolescence as a human, they cannot quell your desperate need for a truly loving family. The innocent and unyielding love of a child will bring warmth to your cold soul, so you seek to adopt a human child and raise them as your own in the hopes they will embrace your Dark Gift one day when you give them the choice you never had. Will your adopted child accept what you offer them without hesitation? Or will they turn on you and deny your love as others have done before?

This challenge will see you play as your vampire for quite a long time to amass the level of fame, fortune, and adoration they seek!

Table of Contents

Challenge Requirements, Goals & Rules

The core requirements for The Vampire Stelat Challenge can differ to suit you, as this isn’t so much a hard challenge but a style of playing. As long as you have the Sims 4 Vampires expansion, you can play the vast majority of what The Vampire Stelat Challenge lays out! However, if you have additional game packs/EPs there may be additional bonus requirements to enhance the experience further.

There are a variety of different goals you seek to achieve by following certain rules and stages. A few aspirations are being worked on concurrently while others will require you to complete certain life goals before you can move on.

Core Requirements

  • The Sims 4 base game, TS4 Vampires, and TS4 Get Famous
    • Get Famous can easily be removed but it will subtract a lot of aspects from this challenge.
  • OPTIONAL: Additional EPs and packs – especially Get Together and Parenthood – can add a ton of additional fun, features, and possibilities to your playthrough! The more EPs the better, really!
Regarding mods…
  • Mods that speed up skill building, add fame, or otherwise make achievements easier are strictly prohibited.
  • Mods that automatically care for children or change their behaviour (ie, auto do homework) are also prohibited.
  • Bug fixes, annoying behaviour removers (ie, No Autonomous Play Computer for everyone), etc are OK.

Making your own Vampire Stelat de Llamacourt

In this challenge, you do not have to make a male sim named Stelat de Llamacourt – they can be any gender and have any name you like! They simply need to meet a few personality and lifestyle requirements as follows:

  1. Make 1x adult vampire sim to your desired appearance. There are no others in your household to begin with.
  2. They may be any gender but they MAY NOT become pregnant and MAY NOT impregnate others.
  3. They must have the Erratic, Outgoing, and Self Absorbed traits (if you do not have Get Famous, select Materialistic instead).
  4. You may set their Likes/Dislikes however you choose.
  5. Choose the Serial Romantic aspiration to start with!
  6. Buy any house you like in any neighborhood and decorate to your desires.
    • Money is not really a part of this challenge so you may have as many starting funds as you like.
    • In the process, try not to achieve the Fabulously Wealthy and Mansion Baron aspirations as it will affect aspiration reward points. If you do achieve them, either cheat away your reward points or remember to account for (subtract) them later on.
  7. Set your lot’s traits to Registered Vampire Lair, Vampire Nexus, and Celebrity Home (if playing with Get Famous).
  8. Aging for other sims is set to ON and lifespans are SHORT. The fragile human life passes before your immortal soul in the blink of an eye!
  9. You may not buy ANY aspiration rewards for your Vampire Stelat unless instructed!
  10. Ensure that Fame is enabled for your sim (if you begin opted out, make sure to ‘step into the spotlight’).
  11. Autonomy may be set how you like for your Vampire Stelat (active sim), but you must have autonomy TURNED ON for others in your household.

Stage 1: The Lust for Blood

Centuries of slumber hidden away have left you out of touch with your vampire form…seek knowledge of your dark gift and others who possess it!

  • GOAL: Become a Grand Master Vampire
    • You are NOT completing the Master Vampire aspiration – simply accruing enough points to become a Grand Master.
    • You are required to purchase the Vampire Creation power (Prime Vampire rank).
    • You are required to take the Thin Skinned Rank 1 (Minor), Day Phobia Rank 1 (Master) and Undead Aura (Grand Master) weaknesses. PLEASE NOTE this means you are prohibited from purchasing the Vampiric Charm and Sun Resistance powers at any stage.
    • You may purchase/take whatever other powers or weaknesses you like.

Why not complete the Master Vampire aspiration, you ask? Because you get waaaaay too many satisfaction points, that’s why! This is supposed to be a bit of a challenge and with nearly 8000 satisfaction points by the end of the aspiration, it makes purchasing overpowered reward traits a bit too easy!

Stage 2: The Lust for Lust

After centuries of loneliness, you seek affection from the warm blooded humans around you. Though some fear your dark nature, others are inexplicably drawn to your otherworldly aura…use them to your advantage for sustenance of all kinds!

  • GOAL: Complete the Serial Romantic aspiration
    • You may not become engaged or get married.
    • You may not move in any of your paramours!
    • You may woo both humans and other vampires.

For choosing and completing the Serial Romantic goal, your Vampire Stelat will be granted:

  • the Alluring trait (to assist with romantic endeavors, granted when you first choose Serial Romantic aspiration)
  • the Player trait (removes jealousy)
  • 4,125 satisfaction points

UPON COMPLETION: You may purchase ONE personality trait from the Rewards Store. If any any time you do not have enough points to purchase the trait you desire, you may FOREGO purchasing a trait altogether this round to save up points for next time. You may still purchase reward items/potions, if you wish.

Stage 3: The Lust for the Spotlight

Eons of darkness have turned you into a moth to flame and the glow of the stage beckons you to its light! Unleash your passion to the world around you and grow a legion of followers!

The next two goals are achieved concurrently as your chosen career(s) will have an impact on your fame and reaching that ultimate 5-star ranking!

  • GOAL: Complete an occupation/skill-based Aspiration of your choice + Reach Level 10 of a related career field
    • Many of the occupation-based aspirations will require you to join a particular career field…but some of them don’t, ie Bestselling Author does not require you to become a Writer nor does Musical Genius require you to become an Entertainer -> Musician. If you select these aspirations, though, you must join the associated career field.
    • Combinations like Master Actor (aspiration) and the required Actor (occupation) will grant you enormous fame/fortune!
    • Nerd Brain (aspiration) in conjunction with Astronaut (occupation) as well as Bodybuilder (aspiration) with Athlete (occupation) are also excellent combinations to fulfill this goal and work towards achieving Global Superstar status.
    • You may swap careers at any time if you like but be mindful of the impact it will have on your aspiration!


  • GOAL: Complete the World Famous Celebrity aspiration
    • Try not to die going to work or hanging out with fans!
    • Your followers are a great source of sustenance…of all kinds!
    • Feel free to obtain a Star on the Walk of Fame!
    • If you do not have the Get Famous EP, this entire section is easily removed.

For choosing and completing the World Famous Celebrity goal and the career challenges, your Vampire Stelat will be granted:

  • the Unstoppable trait (immortal fame without decay)
  • 4,925 satisfaction points
  • Whatever trait reward associated with your chosen aspiration + respective satisfaction points

UPON COMPLETION: Like always, you have the opportunity to purchase from the Rewards Store but only 2x times in this stage: once when you complete your skill/occupation aspiration and then again upon reaching World Famous Celebrity.

Stage 4: The Lust for Companionship

You seek not only the company of human lovers but immortal peers to step into the darkness you can never escape. Five human companions are chosen, but will they accept your gifts or turn from you as many others have?

  • GOAL: Achieve the Vampire Family aspiration
    • Rules for ‘Convert 5 Sims into Full Grown Vampires’ works as follows…
      • All five companions must be adult (YA/A/E) humans (not teens), because…
      • …you must have active romantic relationships (be their boyfriend/girlfriend) with all five sims!
      • At least 2 out of 5 adult humans you choose must be Three Star Celebrities or above (but ignore if you do not have the Get Famous EP).
      • IMPORTANT NOTE: Keep in mind that the Friendly social ‘Ask to Turn’ unfortunately does not satisfy this aspiration requirement and only the forced Vampire social ‘Turn into Vampire’ will.
      • ANOTHER NOTE: Be aware that you cannot turn Spellcasters, Werewolves, or other occult sims into vampires (if playing with other EPs).

For choosing and completing the Vampire Family aspiration, your Vampire Stelat will be granted:

  • the I Am the Master trait (mind control on your offspring always succeeds)
  • 5,800 satisfaction points

UPON COMPLETION: Like always, you have the opportunity to purchase from the Rewards Store three times in this stage: once when you reach level 10 in your career, again when you complete your skill/occupation aspiration, then a third time upon reaching World Famous Celebrity.

Stage 5: The Lust for a Legacy

Though filled with love from followers and fans, you sense an eternal dread as you gaze into your future; a dread that can only be remedied by the knowledge that another will continue what you’ve started…

  • GOAL: Raise a Child to become your Vampire Heir
    • Adopt a child (human or alien) via the computer or phone (cost: §1000) & raise it to the best of your abilities to a Teen
    • They must be in the Child age group (not baby or toddler)
    • They may be either gender
    • You may NOT hire a nanny
    • You may NOT have a butler (if you’ve got one already, fire ’em!)
      • You may change their appearance using CAS/mirrors/etc.
      • You may click on them to see where they are or refocus the camera.
      • You may take things out of + put things into their inventory (like school projects or gifts).
      • You may not spend any satisfaction points until aging up.
      • You may not use Vampire Commands on them!
      • You may only control their actions via Parenting, Influence/Force to…

How to raise a successful Vampire Heir

This child of light may lead you to eternal familial love or a downward spiral of despair. Can you raise a well-rounded adult without remembering what it’s like to be a human child?

As stated above, the biggest challenge in this is that you may never play as your adopted child unless they successfully decide to become your Vampire Heir upon reaching a Teen.

When your adopted human child is about to age up from a Child into a Teen, there are a few factors that will determine whether they will follow in your footsteps as your Vampire Heir or shun you altogether, forcing you to banish the child and start again! With lifespans set to SHORT, you only have a brief amount of time to guide them towards the darkness. In 7 sim days, you must achieve enough points to earn your child a place as your Vampire Heir!


+5 points (max) for introducing your child to 3 other vampires, including Count Vladislaus Straud (if he’s been killed off somehow, it can be another vampire)
+3 points (max) for ‘Turning’ a sim into a vampire in front of your child
+3 points (max) for ‘Compel for a Drink’ from another human in front of them
+1 point (max 5) for performing each Vampire social with them, ie ‘Make Vampire Pun’, ‘Recall Mortal Life’, etc
+1 point (max 5) for each skill earned
+1 point for them aging up to Teen with a Grade B or above
+1 point for being best friends when aging up to Teen

TOTAL POINTS YOU CAN EARN: 23 points (perfect score)


-14 points for every red in-game notification threatening child removal
-5 Points for not being friends with their adopted vampire parent when aging up
-5 Points for ‘Forgotten Birthday’ moodlet
-5 Points for aging up from Child to Teen with C Grade in school or lower
-5 Points for every time they pee themselves
-5 Points for every time they pass out from fatigue
-3 Points for every Scared moodlet instigated by vampire activities/presence
-3 Points for every day of school skipped
-2 Points for every time they start to ooze green odor from low hygiene

Scoring & Results

12 points or higher = Your Vampire Heir is found!
9-11 points = Coin toss (heads wins)!
8 or lower = The child denounces you!

Looking at the point break down, be aware that if you get threatened with child removal you are instantly 1 point away from guaranteed failure (and will already be required to do a coin toss) even with max points! So do your best to ensure their needs are met. Without a butler or nanny, you will need to cook for them (even if you can’t eat the food) and generally be around to take care of them first before your own needs can be met!


…your child shuns you and refuses to take a place in your abhorrent lifestyle! Upon your adopted child aging up to a Teen, you must expel them from your life entirely! Move the sim out of the house and break all ties. Furthermore, you must try again by adopting another child and starting over.


…your child accepts your darkness and willingly joins you in immortality! You may now ‘offer to turn’ (friendly social that does not harm relationship) whenever you deem them ready.


You have successfully completed the entirety of The Vampire Stelat Challenge! Your vampire is now the most renowned, not to mention most loved, vampire in all of Simdom and have a loving vampire heir to epitomize your legacy! Rejoice!

What you do with your vampires now is up to you. Go spend all those satisfaction points you dutifully earned!

Did you fly through it without issue? Or did you run into troubles along the way? Did anything surprise you? What was your favourite moment? I would love to hear/see any stories and screenshots you might have from your very own experience with The Vampire Stelat Challenge!

Tips, Tricks and FAQs

Q: Why do I need to complete the aspirations in stages? Can’t I achieve them concurrently (switch back/forth)?
Completing goals concurrently vs in stages would greatly affect the Satisfaction Points you’ve earned at any given time, thus making the Rewards Store potentially ultra overpowered from early on. You gain Satisfaction Points for fulfilling each sub-requirement in every Level of an aspiration, so if you’re swapping back/forth to achieve various ones, you’ll accrue a ton of points across multiple aspirations by the time you fully complete one. This would probably allow you to buy much more expensive/powerful personality traits from the Rewards Store very early and that’s not the point of this challenge. Also, completing the aspirations in the outlined order will ensure you are granted specific reward traits to aid you as you go.

Q: Why do I need to purchase (or not purchase) the specific Vampire Weaknesses outlined?
A: It’s all about balance and difficulty, particularly once you adopt a human child. At that point, having the outlined weakness as a Grand Master vampire will heavily affect how your human child interacts with you, which is precisely the aim!

Q: HELP! I can’t complete the ‘Convert 5 Sims into Full Grown Vampires’ requirement!
A: Contrary to what you might have read elsewhere, it seems that only the forced ‘Turn Into Vampire’ action from the Vampire socials menu satisfies this task under the Vampire Family aspiration. The friendly social ‘Offer to Turn’ doesn’t seem to count. Ensure you’re performing the Vampire social ‘Turn into Vampire’ when you choose your immortal companions to avoid doing this more than you need. Also, ‘full grown vampires’ simply refers to your turned sim(s) transforming into vampires – nothing else. It takes a few days for them to convert from human to vampire, so you won’t complete the task until they actually transform.

Q: I have a suggestion for an update, rule change, addition, etc!
A: Awesome! Please let me know! I’m totally open to rule updates, changes, additions and whatever else as I know other people will run into different situations. I played two different playthroughs of this challenge myself, but cheating was heavily involved to ensure I could test (and retest and re-retest) all aspects in a more timely fashion. Because of that, there might be aspects that don’t actually play as well as I think they do…so if you’ve noticed that somewhere or just have some added ideas, I would love to hear them!

Q: How do I share my screenshots, stories, etc of The Vampire Stelat challenge with you?
A: Anyway you like, really, but commenting on this post is a great start! I would love to make a gallery of other people’s vampires, adopted children, etc so please share what you’ve played with me! You can also use the hashtag #VampireStelat on twitter/Facebook/instagram! And please be sure to let others know where you read about the challenge (ie, this website) so they can play, too!

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