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Out with a Bang challenge for The Sims 4 from
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Out with a Bang! Challenge for The Sims 4

Do you create many Elder sims? It seems like a lot of people don’t. They’re past their prime, wrinkly, prone to fatigue, and…well…going to die much sooner than later. So why start a new game as one when you don’t have that much time? The Out with a Bang Challenge is why!

The Out with a Bang Challenge will see you create a single elder sim and try your very best to live out the rest of their days to the very fullest with a very limited amount of time.…

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The Vampire Stelat Challenge for The Sims 4

You are Stelat de Llamacourt. You are born of the darkness yet crave the spotlight. Your passion for music, flamboyant lifestyle, and spectacular charisma infatuate legions of admirers the world over! Yet you still desire love and companionship as all humans do, both from romantic lovers as well as a child who will carry on your legacy as heir to all you’ve built.…